Lindsay family

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To find the Lindsay family graves drive up the driveway until you reach the Australasian Monument and turn right onto the track between the Catholic and Methodist sections. Walk along to the second row of block 3 and turn left, between row 3 and 4. About half way along this row on your left you will come across the graves of Dr. Charles Lindsay, Mrs. Jane Lindsay, Sir Daryl and Lady Joan Lindsay, Mary, Isabel and Robert Lindsay.

Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay had 10 children of which the most famous are Norman, Sir Lionel, Sir Daryl, Percy and Ruby. They are all well known for their art work and writings and grew up in Creswick on the corner of Victoria and Cambridge streets in the family home "Lisnacrieve".

Photograph at right: grave of the Rev. Thomas Williams and Mrs. Mary Williams, parents of Mrs. Jane Lindsay, the grave directly behind this one is that of Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Sir Daryl and Lady Joan Lindsay. The partial headstone to the bottom right is the grave of Robert, Isabel and Mary Lindsay.

The following are excerpts from the "Creswick Advertiser" of the obituaries of some of the Lindsay family including the Rev. Thomas Williams, Mrs. Jane Lindsay's father.

July 6th 1891  - Death of the Rev. Thomas Williams

The Rev. Thomas Williams, whose life has appeared to hang on a thread for the last few weeks, succumbed on Saturday. Regret will be widespread, for the late reverend gentleman has spent a life of hard word and undoubted usefulness. This district has been the recipient of a large portion of his eforts, and there are many who can bear testimony to his work and usefulness. He has come down to the grave full of years and honor, and will leave behind him memories dear to those who have been the recipients of his ministration. Part of his life work took in the inhabitants of the South Seas Isles, where a considerable portion of his time was spent. Possessed of a strong constitution, he has proved himself capable of strenuous exertion and severe toil. His ministry has been marked by determination, ardour, and candour, and will not soon be forgotten by those who were the subjects of it. The late reverend gentleman has survived his wife by only a few months, and had reached the advanced age of 76 years. The Creswick Wesleyan Church was yesterday draped in black out of respect to the deceased, and the anthem "Unveil thy bosom faithful tomb" was sung during the evening service. The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, Soldier's Hill, Ballarat, at 1 p.m. to-day, and is expected to arrive at about 3 o'clock, at the Wesleyan Church, Creswick, where service will be conducted, after which the cortege will leave for the local cemetery.                     Plot 330 - Mrs. Mary Williams is also buried in this plot on 3rd May, 1890, at 74 years of age.

September 21st 1915 - Dr. Robert Charles Lindsay

died at his residence, Victoria Street, Creswick, on Sunday, at the age of 74 years, and his death will be regretted by very many in Creswick and throughout the district, also by many not now resident here who benefited by his medical skill. Dr. Lindsay was born in the North of Ireland, and gained his diploma in the celebrated Dublin University. He arrived in Victoria in the year 1863, and in the following year came to Creswick as Medical Officer to the Manchester Unity Oddfellows. He built a large private practice throughout the town and district, and was noted for his skilful treatment of patients who came under his care. He married the daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Williams, Methodist Minister, and reared a large family several of whom are noted throughtout the world for their clever black and white sketches. Dr. Lindsay practised for very many years in this district, but of recent years, owing to advancing age, he retired into private life. He leaves a widow and family of six sons and four daughters to mourn their loss, and for them very much sympathy will be felt in their bereavement. The members of the family are as follows:- Mr. Percy Lindsay, of Melbourne; Mr. Bert and Miss Mary Lindsay, of New Orleans, U.S.A.; Messrs Lionel and Norman Lindsay, of Sydney; Mrs. Will Dyson, of London; Mrs. C. McPhee, of Creswick, Mr. Reg Lindsay, of the Forests Department, who is now in camp prior to going to the war; Mr. Daryl and Miss Elizabeth Lindsay. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, being a private one. The remains were interred in the Creswick Cemetery. the coffin bearers were Drs. Wilson and Sleeman, Messrs P. and R. Lindsay, C McPhee, and C. W. Jebb. Pall bearers:- Messrs W. P. Northcott, H. Jebb, J. Graham, J. Glasson and A. Johnson. The Rev. C. Robinson officiated at the house and graveside.  Plot 451  

November 18th 1932 - Mrs. Lindsay

Death claimed one of Creswick's fine, old folk on Tuesday when Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Lindsay, widow of the late Dr. R. C. Lindsay, passed away at her home in VIctoria Street. Although to her, whose health had been indifferent for a considerable time, death may not have been a regretted event, it nevertheless meant to many a breaking of old ties which is not welcome.

Apart from her personal attributes which brought the friendship of many in Creswick, Mrs. Lindsay was known, more especially to the outside world as the mother of the famous family of artists of whom Messrs. Lionel, Norman, Percy and Daryl Lindsay have earned fame with brush, pencil and other media. Lionel, for instance, in addition to being an excellent etcher, is well known as a critic while Norman distinguished himself as an etcher and is now coming to the fore as a publisher as well as a writer of novels.

Mrs. Lindsay's father was the late Rev. Thomas Williams who, if artistic potentialities are hereditary, may have bequeathed some of his talents to these members of the third generation who have won renown for he, after establishing the Methodist Mission in Fiji, later wrote the story of that work in a book which he illustrated with his own hand.

The funeral, which took place at the Creswick Cemetery on Wednesday was of a private nature, the service at the graveside being conducted by Rev. W. O. Warnock. There were many beautiful Floral tributes.

Mr. R. and Misses M. and I. Lindsay live in Creswick at present, one daughter (Mrs. McPhee) is in Ballarat, Mr. Daryl Lindsay lives at Baxter, near Melbourne, and othr members of the family are at Sydney. One of the sons, Mr. R. J.  Lindsay, lost his life at the Great War.     Plot 451 

September 28th 1951 - Mr. Robert Lindsay dies at 80

There were general expressions of regret among Creswick people when news of the passing on Wednesday of Mr. Robert Lindsay, of Victoria Street, Creswick became known. His simple unaffected courtesy, his kindly nature and his excellent sense of humor made friends of all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

The late Mr. Lindsay was the second son of the well known Lindsay family. the eldest son, Mr. Percy Lindsay, who paid a visit to Creswick some four years ago, is living at present in Sydney.

Robert Lindsay commenced his education at Creswick School and in 1888 entered the well known Creswick Grammar School. Later he started on a banking career but soon gave it up and afterwards left for England.

Overseas he was for a time Vice-Consul for Britain at New Orleans U.S.A., where he was later visited by his sister, Miss M. Lindsay. He returned to England during the 1914 war and was for a time in the War Office in London.

After the war he went into business as an interior decorator and designer, and carried on this work till his return to Creswick twenty years ago. After his return he was for several years secretary to the Creswick District Hospital, a position he filled with success. For many years he acted as organist at St. John's Church of England, Creswick, in the affairs of which he took considerable interest.

While abroad, his work in U. S. A. and in England brought him in contact with many well known people in the literary, artistic and diplomatic fields who became his personal friends.

Unlike his brothers, he did not make the art profession his career. He nevertheless was very skilled with the brush and pencil which he employed mainly in decorative work. A sound art critic, who inclined, naturally to the older established traditions of art, he was only an authority on antique furntiure and period dress.     Plot 452

January  29th 1965— Jane Isabel Lindsay

On January 24, at Ballarat, Jane Isabel, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Robert Charles and the late Mrs. Jane Lindsay, of Creswick, sister of Mary, Norman, Pearl (Mrs. McPhee) and Sir Daryl Lindsay. Private Cremation. R. Pasco, funeral director, Creswick.

Miss J. I. Lindsay

Miss Jane Isabel Lindsay, of Victoria Street, Creswick, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Robert and Mrs. Jane Lindsay, of Creswick, died on Sunday at Ballarat. Her remains were privately cremated at Ballarat on Tuesday.

For many years, having shared the Lindsay talent, Miss Lindsay taught private drawing classes but failing health caused her to retire from that work long since. One of her sisters, Miss Mary Lindsay, still lives in the family home in Victoria Street. Plot 452

January 26th  1968– Miss Mary Lindsay

On January 19th, at Ballarat, Mary Eleanor Beatrice, daughter of the late Dr. Robert Charles and Jane Elizabeth Lindsay, of Creswick, sister of Percy (dec.), Robert (dec.), Lionel (dec.), Norman, Pearl, Ruby (dec.), Reginald (dec.), Daryl and Jane (dec.). Privately cremated January 22, 1968.

Sister of Artists Lindsay's dies

Miss Mary Lindsay, last of her family to occupy the old home in Victoria Street, Creswick, died at Ballarat last Friday.

Almost 92 years of age, she was the fourth of ten children of Dr. Robert Lindsay. A sister and four brothers made the Lindsay name famous in the world of art. It has been said they made the world conscious of Australian artists.

The Lindsay drawing room (now recreated at Ballarat Art Gallery with treasures from her home) was in its heyday a place where intellect sharpened on intellect.

After their mother died, it was Mary, living on in the old home, who was the connecting link with the family.

A prodigious letter writer, she was as capable a storyteller as any of this family, but did not write for publication.

26th July 1968

Miss Mary Lindsay left local bequests

Legacies from the estate of the late Miss Mary Lindsay arrived at Creswick hospital and band this week. She left the hospital $1,000 and the band $600.    Plot 452

January  19th 1977– Sir Daryl Lindsay dies

Sir Daryl Lindsay, famous Australian Artist who was born in Creswick, died on Christmas day at the age of 86.

Sir Daryl was the youngest and last of the famed Lindsay family artists who were born in Creswick during the latter part of the 19th century.

He is best known for his paintings and drawings and was Director of the National Gallery from 1941 until 1956.

Sir Daryl was married to Joan Lindsay who was the author of the book, "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which is now a major Australian film and is proving popular with audiences overseas.

Since 1925, he and his wife have lived at Mulberry Hill, a small property near Baxter on the Mornington Peninsula.

Sir Darly who was knighted in 1956, also served on the National Capital Development Commission, the Commonwealth Art Advisory Board and the Commonwealth Stamp Board.

He as a foundation member of the Victorian National Trust.

He was born at Creswick on December 31, 1889, the youngest of Dr. Robert and Jane Lindsay's six sons and the second youngest of their 10 children.

He worked in a bank on leaving school, but after a year tried jackarooing in Queensland.

He served in France during World War 1 and, while working as a medical

Draughtsman in Britain after the war, he became interested in sketching and painting.

In 1919 he returned to Melbourne and launched himself as an artist, painting water colours and later oils.

In the late 1920's he drew the Ben Bowyang cartoon for The Herald and in 1939 he joined the National Gallery as keeper of prints.

In 1962 her resumed painting and since then he has had a special interest in encouraging young Australian artists.

Sir Daryl's and Lady Lindsay's lives and times were described in Joan Lindsay's book, "Time without Clocks."

He published his autobiography, "The Leafy Tree" in 1965.

They had no children.

Four of Sir Daryl's brothers and sisters, Percy, Lionel, Norman and Ruby, made their names as artists.

Sir Daryl was buried alongside members of his family at a private funeral service at the Creswick Cemetery.      Plot 451

Lady Joan Lindsay is also buried in Plot 451 with Sir Daryl, Mrs. Jane Lindsay and Dr. Robert Lindsay. Joan was buried on 17 May 1985 at 88 years of age.